Bianca Evelyn Paris

Evelyn is originally from Romania but she has an international background and education. She attended summer courses at Pace University in New York, Woodbury University in Los Angeles and Cambridge University, UK and she speaks five languages, including Romanian, English, French, Italian and German. From an early age, she manifested a strong interest for humanitarian activities and, when she was only 13 years old, Evelyn became junior ambassador of Children’s Rights, as a result of coordinating a project for UNICEF Germany. As years passed, this passion of hers has been further reinforced by her growing interest for international politics. After getting involved in the UN Youth Association of Romania and in a local MUN Club, she understood that organizing a MUN is one of the greatest challenges, but nevertheless one of the most rewarding experiences. Being characterized by rigor and seriousness and having a very vast experience in the organization of events, projects and conferences, Evelyn looks forward to bringing the most challenging topics “at the negotiating table”.