Our Mission

You don’t have to be old to be responsible. You don’t have to be old to lead.

Kofi Annan
Sciences Po, 2015

Sciences Po Nations Unies (SPNU) is a student-led association dedicated to the promotion of diplomacy and international relations at Sciences Po Paris.

Our goal is to train students to Model United Nations (MUNs) and eventually send the most motivated of them as delegations to some MUN conferences, in France and abroad.

We also aim to raise awareness and inform students on international and diplomatic issues through conferences with guests : experts, researchers and professionals that share their experience with students. We also organise visits of international organisations and embassies, as well as more informal events like breakfast with diplomats.

SPNU is a place where students can meet and exchange. We aim to foster a culture of diversity of ideas and this is why we organize social events and international dinners.

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